The Ultimate Festival Experience - Dance, Music, Culture, Connection..
100% Authentic Kizomba and Semba festival - All in One hotel!

Budapest, one of the most beautiful cities of the world is waiting for you once again for a real celebration of LIFE! A truely Family Festival!

Our artist crew brings you the essence of Kizomba and Semba, as authentic as can be!
Expect the highest quality classes, and a real musical travel to the rythm of Kizomba, Semba and Zouk/Kompa - all under the same roof by the Danube River!
The Aquincum Hotel
Budapest, Árpád fejedelem útja 94. 1036
Date & Time
October 24 - October 28, 2024 
 Join us Now at the 12th Edition!
Tickets are limited to the fastest 300 dancers.
We carefully choose only the Best of the Bests to serve you the highest quality Kizomba and Semba experience possible. We prefer to work with Angolan teachers and DJs, and some of the most authentic European artists who will make sure to serve you a dance and music experience as close as it gets to Angola.

We focus on Quality, not Quantity so you will be able to immerse in the talent of our amazing Artists - Our DJ's will get to animate the whole night as a team instead of just playing 1-hour sets, and our Teachers all teach 2 workshops in only one room - no overlaps!
Full Lineup to be published soon
Fanio de Araújo
Second time at our event, straight from the source! He is one of the TOP dancers in Luanda, a real superstar when it comes to Semba Show. 3 times finalist at the National championship of Angola, he is only a new face on European festival lineups, but definitely an old dog when it comes to teaching and performing in the homeland of Kizomba.
Anna Maria & Carlos Camba
Probably the most wanted kizomba & semba couple in the international scene at the moment. She is Finnish, he is Angolan, and together they are pure professionalism. It is their second time at our event, and we are already looking forward to the elegance they gonna bring to our festival.

Vladimir Izomba
A hidden treasure that we have discovered right at the source. A craftsman in teaching the teachniques that evolve the self-confidence of the dancers who learn from him. His specialty is musicality, leading techniques, technical steps. First time in Europe, he is bringing the true Angolan passion for Kizomba and Semba to our festival.
DJ Vadinho
The "Old dog" on our team, Vadinho is representing the essence of Angola and the real Angolan Party at our festival. He is coming straight from Luanda to show us how it's done in the motherland - he is a resident at the best farras de quintal of Luanda, working as a dj for many decades. It is his very first time playing at a festival outside of Portugal and we expect musical perfection from his sets - just like we experienced at all his parties in Luanda and Lisbon.

DJ Levis
We have met him in Lisbonin 2018 and ever since have been trying to bring him to BKC.. Levis is a true Angolan DJ straight from the source - he is a resident at some of the best parties of Luanda and also regularly playing at Mwangolé Disco in Lisbon - the place some of you already know as the cathedral of kizomba in Europe. His mixing will blow you away, prepare some comfy dance shoes because you will not want to stop! 

DJ Aly Neto
It is his second time at BKC, but Aly Neto is no beginner when it comes to DJ-ing at the best Kizomba parties around the world. Luanda and Lisbon are his base, he has been setting the dancefloor on fire in Angolan clubs, farras de quintal, weddings, family events, you name it... A true bomb when it comes to PALOP music and Zouk!!
Teresa Freitas
Teresa is a real powerhouse of a dancer, her energy is simply contagious... She has just recently moved to Europe and already conquered the hearts of many who have met her at her classes - in the parties make sure to catch her for a dance either you are a leader or a follower!
Nikolett Hamvas
The Mother of BKC, the "Boss" as the team calls her... She has been dedicating her life to organizing Kizomba events since 2011, standing strong for keeping the authenticity and true Angolan spirit. At BKC she will be assisting Vladimir Izomba at his workshops, as well as showing talent as a DJ at the pre- and afterparties.

to be announced
Official Hotel & Venue
The Aquincum Hotel
Budapest, Árpád fejedelem útja 94. 1036

BKC is becoming a Wellness Experience for those who decide to stay with us at the main hotel..

The Aquincum Hotel is a 4 stars SPA Hotel by the river, that gonna be our venue for the weekend for all classes, parties and socials. Book your room now, with unlimited access to our incredible Thermal SPA with hot pools, jakuzzi, swimming pool, and sauna - open from 6am to 10pm all included in your room rate!!!

We secured a deal with the hotel for your rooms so please book at our link to get our special prices and avoid using services like - this way you help our organization earn a small comission instead of thse huge enterprises.

Current room rates:
Single Room/Night with Breakfast: 135€
Double or Twin Room  with Breakfast: 150€
#BKC2024 Highlights
Limited number of workshops, we focus on the socials & socializing!

Workshops starting late on Saturday and Sunday, so you can recover from the party and enjoy our fabulous thermal spa.

All in One room, no division!!! We always stood for connection and unity, this is now more true than ever before. Our one and only main dancefloor can host 300 people, plus we will have a chill area with the bar and tables.

Our DJ crew always delivers! Be prepared to hear sounds you never heard before, right from the source! The very best of Kizomba, Semba and Zouk music from the classics to the hits of today!
to be published soon
 Join the Experience!
We look forward to hosting you!
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